What do I mean when I use the term Segregated State?  I mean that place of human spiritual development where you still think you are you.  Where you still think you are are also separate from me and everyone else and everthing else in the appearing universe.  To be in the segregated state is to be ignorant of your connection to the rest of the universe. To be in the segregated state is to be ignorant of the fact that you ARE the universe.

U-Rex means Universe is King.  And it means you think you exist in the center of the universe:

Why is it useful to understand this term? That's a great question. The reason it's useful is because we don't actually live in a segregated universe.  We are not separate.  That is an appearing illusion

The truth is we are consciousness.  The universe is INSIDE us.

How is this useful? I will tell you how.  No real growth, progress, depth, offering, can be truly attained until you understand that you are not a little individual person in a big universe. Until you realize that your 'self' needs to be shed... so that you can merge WITH the universe...AS the universe... no real progress will be made.

Let me repeat that.  Until you shed the layers of self and get yourself naked of your ego... no progress will be made. This is KEY.

Progress is an act of destruction.

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